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How long can I attend the class?

All classes will be booked at least 7 days in advance.

Can I reschedule the class?

Rescheduling will be allowed within 24 hours before class. To reschedule, just log on to the site and search the panel of appointments to set a new date.

If I cancel or miss class, will I get my money back?

NO refund. Payment will not be returned for default or cancellation. But you can reschedule

Can I adjust the tuition fee if I am late and have less class time?

The value is not adjustable by the reduction in class time due to delay of the student.

do I need a good connection to class?

A bad internet connection directly interferes with loss of knowledge. How to understand the classes if the connection is bad? Before scheduling the class see if you have internet with enough speed for a good video connection.

Where do I schedule classes?

You mark your class here .

can I have a personalized accompaniment?

Sure! You can have a personalized accompaniment, it would be the Personal Guitar . You send an email to explaining your difficulties, where you want to go and the help you need.

I have more doubts. where can i clarify?

Please contact us here .

I have more doubts. where can i clarify?

Please contact us here .

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